Face Recognition Access Gate Fast Recognition


In our daily life, we can often see the application of access gates, and the application of access gates has greatly improved our driving safety at the level of intelligent security, preventing the entry of poor staff, and the residential area is no longer Worrying about the possibility of theft actually only makes the residents of the residential area feel at ease in their psychological state, and it also greatly improves the residential area in terms of intrinsic safety. The intelligent access gate strictly implements the driving method of one person, one gate, which greatly and reasonably prevents the possibility of tailgating, and it is difficult for everyone to worry about many people tailgating themselves. In the event of a hard intruder, the intelligent access gate also has an alarm function, so that the security personnel can immediately distinguish according to the specific situation.

Smart access gate, the whole body is made of 304 stainless steel raw material, which has a huge practical effect in waterproof, rainproof, sunscreen isolation. Isolation, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and long-term use are not much different from new. The intelligent access gate adopts a fully transparent acrylic plate wing arm with telescopic synchronization.

After the power is turned off, the swing arm is automatically opened, which has the function of maintenance. The intelligent access gate can also cooperate with the access control system and connect to the LED display screen, which can display the total number of calculations in real time, and can also broadcast the content information to be broadcast. The intelligent access gate can be applied in several areas such as campuses, residential quarters, government institutions, construction sites, subway entrances, etc.

, with complete functions and practical functions. The intelligent access gate docking with the safety access management system can have a very good practical effect of maintenance. The intelligent access gate can be connected to a variety of driving machines and equipment, and can be used for credit card consumption, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, etc.

, saving time and effort for everyone's transportation. Among them, face recognition is more cautious, and the intelligent safety channel management system is connected to the face recognition function, which adds a little bit of caution to everyone's traffic travel. For migrant workers, face recognition can be immediately exposed, and bad people will be kept out.

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