Describe the function and characteristics of the speed gate


Let me explain to you the functions and characteristics of the speed pass door! Speed gate function: 1. The speed pass door has a good anti-pinch function. When the speed-through door detects that someone or an object is blocked in the door-closing area, the swing door will not close immediately.

2. The speed pass door has the function of anti-tailgating. When the swing door is closing, if someone is tailgating, it will activate the tailgating tracking control system and send out an audible and visual alarm.

3. The speed gate has multiple entry and exit modes, such as always locked, authorized entry and exit, and free passage. 4.

The speed gate prevents reverse illegal passage. 5. The opening and closing of the speed pass door responds quickly, and the single speed can reach within 0.

5 seconds to 1.0 seconds, with high traffic efficiency. 6.

The passing time of the speed gate can be adjusted freely. Speed gate features: 1. Aesthetics Almost all walkway turnstiles have this feature, and the appearance will be better.

After all, it is a cosmetic problem. It will be bad if the most basic appearance cannot meet the requirements. 2.

Security Speed gates are the same as other pedestrian access gates, and they exist to improve safety. The speed gates also have the same functions as other pedestrian access gates, and the speed gates are faster. 3.

Economy Provide perfect configuration scheme. Provide high-quality products and provide considerate services. 4.

Easy expansion The number of channels can be expanded at will. Even if the control system is installed, it can be added later as needed, as long as the newly added channel is set in the software after the increase.

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