Common faults of full-height turnstiles


Full-height turnstiles appear in many public places, but the types of full-height turnstiles are complex, and even some property systems that have been connected to the building become a whole, no matter which type of full-height turnstile will be more or less in the long-term use process. error occured. So what about glitches? 1.

Turnstile reset too fast When using turnstiles the reset is too fast to even pass anyone, check to see if there is also an accompanying noise. If the situation meets the requirements, it may be due to the problem of the hydraulic shock absorber, which does not work, resulting in a faster reset of the turnstile and a louder sound when touching the positioning device. Check the condition of the hydraulic shock absorber and replace with a new shock absorber if necessary.

2. Turnstile reset is too slow The gates reset too slowly, causing two or more people to pass. This situation may be due to a problem with the Hall switch, the switch's induction magnet or any part of the solenoid valve that will not reset properly.

Maybe the reset time is long, so both parts need to be repaired or replaced. 3. Lock after swiping the card When using a revolving door, another situation is that it is locked after swiping a card.

This situation is due to the anti-rotation feature of the movement itself. At this point, it is necessary to swipe the card repeatedly and pass again. The solution can be further set up so that this function can be removed directly.

The specific operation depends on the application environment of the revolving door. 4. No slider rotation When the revolving gate does not rotate after long-term use, it is because the movement and other components need maintenance, usually after three months, the movement needs to be maintained once, such as adding lubricating oil to the movement.

The above are the common faults and solutions of full-height turnstiles, hoping to help everyone.

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