Common faults and troubleshooting methods of parking lot system


Many friends have always asked some questions about the parking lot system, and there are usually a lot of discussions, so let’s take a look at the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the parking lot system in this issue. Today, Xiangtongbao Technology’s common faults and troubleshooting of the parking lot system method, sorting out some common problems. 1.

Troubleshooting method for failure of lifting rod: measure whether the voltage is within the range of 220V±10V. 2. Reason for detection of abnormal noise in the chassis: Check whether the bearings and movable links are abnormal Elimination method: add lubricating oil or replace the bearings.

3. Too much vibration of the brake lever Detection reason: Check whether the operation switch magnet is adjusted properly and whether the tension of the balance spring is too loose or too tight Elimination method: Adjust the stroke control position and tighten the tension spring link bolt. 4.

Loose joint screws of the barrier. Loose joint screws will cause inaccurate upper and lower positions. Use an 80MM long Ф4 iron rod to insert between the double-ended screws and turn it to adjust the brake rod up and down.

5. The looseness of the screw of the barrier gate. The looseness of the screw of the crank arm will cause the upper and lower positions of the gate lever of the barrier gate to be inaccurate and the shaking will be large when the lever is stopped.

Just hang the bolt tightly and lock the nut. 6. The coil embedding of the barrier gate is loose.

When the ground sense coil cannot be firmly fixed in the nest, the vibration of the car over the road will cause the deformation of the coil in the nest, change the initial inductance of the ground sense, and cause the barrier gate to not operate normally. At this time The sensor must be reset to function properly. The solution is to pour melted asphalt in to set it in place.

7. Power-off protection switch Power-off When the control part of the barrier gate fails, the automatic protection device of the barrier gate will work automatically. At this time, open the door of the machine and turn the large belt clockwise for 3-8 circles to the upper position to restore it.

If it cannot return to the original state so many times, it is necessary to check whether the Hall element and the circuit board are malfunctioning.

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