Classification of three roller gates


The field of application of the three-roller gate is very common, and people can see the three-roller gate in all safe passages. Although the styles of the three-roller turnstiles look similar, the key features are quite different. People can divide them into 3 levels according to quality and price: low-grade three-roller turnstiles, medium three-roller turnstiles, and high-end three-roller turnstiles.

The pedal-type transmission system of the low-speed three-roller gate has only one side driving, no household appliances, and the orientation can be adjusted. Raw materials can be customized according to customer requirements, but generally domestic 304 is used. It has a long service life and is convenient for maintenance and repair, but the rotation noise is relatively large.

Prices are cheaper. Medium three-roller gate The medium three-roller gate has a variety of working modes to provide options, which can double-read the card number; it can also read the card on one side, and the other direction is prohibited; one side reads the card, and the other direction is free to drive. The three-roller gate is open, marked with an emerald green arrow symbol, indicating that pedestrians are reminded to drive forward, turn off the power to automatically drop the pole, and dial the phone to manually lift the pole.

The motor control has a waterproof box, the surface is generally moisture-proof, and the controller has a memory function. The motor of the gate machine is usually a brushless motor, and the noise is normal. High-end three-roller gate The high-end three-roller gate can carry out an automatic transmission system, and the system software authorization management can be carried out by time period and level management method.

Time and geographically limited management methods can be implemented for staff. It has the ability to adapt when it detects abnormal conditions. When the communication between the three-roller gate and the management method terminal device is terminated, everything can be opened normally on the spot without being compromised.

It can display various malignant event data analysis tables, including card users entering and leaving malignant events, alarming malignant events, system software malignant events, etc. The surface, motor control and electronic devices are all treated with moisture-proof solutions.

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