Advantages and characteristics of face recognition gate system


In many places such as office buildings and schools, the access control system adopts the management method of combining face recognition system and access gate equipment to form a face recognition gate system. The system uses the captured face image and face recognition database. The facial image features are compared for similarity, and the final comparison and recognition results are obtained.

The system determines whether the recognition passes or fails according to the degree of feature matching. Find one or more faces with the highest similarity to the face to be retrieved in a large-scale face database. Through the pre-created facial feature index of the person to be checked, this system can quickly search in the face database of more than one million level, and can be used for application scenarios such as identity confirmation and identity query.

The company's attendance uses the face recognition gate system for attendance check-in. Liveness detection and recognition can effectively prevent the phenomenon of punch-in, and can also be used for visitor registration management, which is especially suitable for the attendance application of companies with a large flow of people. Community access control system The community uses the face recognition gate as the authorization method of the access control system, which can realize fast passage without carrying the access control card and prevent non-community personnel from entering the community.

High-speed rail person identification verification system Many high-speed rail airports have begun to use the human identification verification and comparison system to assist the airport manual inspection work. When passengers are ready to enter the waiting hall, the facial recognition gate system located at the security checkpoint will automatically capture the facial image, and the facial recognition system will automatically compare the passenger ID photo with it to identify the passenger. When it is found that the certificate information is inconsistent with the certificate holder, the system will automatically prompt the security personnel to strengthen manual verification.

The face images collected by the face recognition system can also be recorded as very important monitoring data, stored in the database as an index for post-event retrieval, or connected to the databases of the public security and security departments for evidence collection and identification. The improvement of face recognition technology has expanded the application scope of face recognition gates, and the integrated use of face recognition access control, attendance, and access gates has made the access management system more complete and intelligent. With the development of technology, the face recognition system will achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of accuracy, response speed and living body.

Based on the needs of different scenarios, more intelligent gate products will be developed and launched in the future, which will be better applied to office buildings, Schools, communities, transportation hubs and other fields.

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