Access gates that are essential for safe entrances and exits


Pedestrian access doors are a common device in our current safe entry and exit environment. At present, social public places such as stations, libraries, cinemas, exhibition centers, stadiums, tourist attractions, and offices can be seen everywhere. Do you know the sidewalk door? This article will bring you the popular science knowledge of pedestrian access doors.

The essentials of buying a walkway door. 1. Security.

Ease of use is preferred. Fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe to use, low noise (decibel), easy to use and maintain, which are the key points for the ease of use of sidewalk gates. 2.

Compatibility of access gate system. In order to promote future upgrades, expansion and anti-interference, it is recommended to choose terminal identification equipment that conforms to international standards, rather than the wider the compatibility, the better. 3.

Anti-destructive ability. Access door systems are used to protect people and property, so the system itself must be secure. For example, the access door should have functions to prevent man-made damage, such as tamper-evident alarms.

1. Using a unique transmission system, the gate is locked in the zero position. Unlocking is more accurate and reliable; 2.

Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, stable operation and long service life; 3. Waterproof. Sunscreen.

Cold resistance. High temperature resistance; 4. Anti-pinch.

Anti-collision function. When the gear plate is reset, the motor automatically stops working within the specified time, and resets again after the default delay (until reset), the strength is very small (≤2kg); 5. After the power is off, the channel is automatically opened, and the power is automatically closed; 6.

Standard switch signal input, convenient for external switch, barcode system, ID/IC access control system, fingerprint machine, face recognition device and other control methods to control the operation of the translation gate; 7. A variety of working modes can be selected, namely two-way card reading or face recognition current limit; two-way card reading. Fingerprint or face recognition.

The other direction is prohibited; two-way card reading. Fingerprint or face recognition. The other direction is free to pass .

Button switch or infrared sensor to pass; 8. With automatic reset function. After opening the door, when the system does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user's access authority; prevent tracking and prevent too many people from not allowing it.

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