a survey of intelligent car parking system


As we move towards smart cities, it's important to consider how we can make the most of available infrastructure. Car parking is one area that could benefit greatly from automated systems. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the intelligent car parking system and explore its potential to transform the way we park.

What is an Intelligent Car Parking System?

An intelligent car parking system is an automated parking system that uses technology to manage car parking. Such a system typically involves a combination of sensors, cameras, and software to detect the presence of vehicles, monitor parking spaces, and alert drivers to available spots. By automating the entire parking process, these systems can offer greater convenience, efficiency, and safety.

How Does an Intelligent Car Parking System Work?

Intelligent car parking systems use a combination of hardware and software to manage the parking process. The system usually involves three main components: a detection system, a communication system, and a management system.

The detection system includes sensors and cameras that can detect the presence of vehicles and monitor parking spaces. This allows the system to determine which parking spaces are available and which are occupied. The communication system then relays this information to drivers, either through a mobile app or on electronic signage.

The management system is responsible for controlling the entire parking process. This includes managing access to the car park, allocating parking spaces, and collecting payment for parking. By automating these tasks, the management system can ensure that drivers have a seamless parking experience.

What Are the Benefits of an Intelligent Car Parking System?

There are several benefits to using an intelligent car parking system. Firstly, it can offer greater convenience for drivers. By providing real-time information on available parking spaces, drivers can make informed decisions when choosing where to park. It also eliminates the need for drivers to search for spaces manually, saving time and reducing congestion.

Secondly, an intelligent car parking system can improve safety. By monitoring parking spaces and detecting any obstructions or hazards, it can help prevent accidents and increase overall safety in the car park.

Thirdly, these systems can improve efficiency. By automating the entire parking process, the system can allocate parking spaces more efficiently, reducing the amount of wasted space and increasing the number of cars that can be accommodated.

Fourthly, an intelligent car parking system can offer greater security. By monitoring the car park and detecting any suspicious activity, the system can ensure that the car park is safe and secure for all users.

Finally, these systems can also be environmentally friendly. By reducing the amount of time drivers spend searching for parking spaces, they can reduce their carbon emissions and help to create a more sustainable environment.


An intelligent car parking system offers many benefits for both drivers and car park owners. By automating the entire parking process, these systems can provide greater convenience, safety, efficiency, and security. As we move towards smart cities, these systems are likely to become increasingly important in managing car parking and reducing congestion in urban areas.


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